Mahabharata is a historical event which was happened in India when we read Mahabharata every time, it will give us a different meaning and the meaning is based on the reader's interest if the reader starts reading Mahabharata in spiritual meaning this will give them a Bhakti Bhava on Shri Krishna. If the reader wants to lead healthy social life only 18 chapters of Bhagavad Geeta are enough, if the reader wants to read this from an engineering point of view it will enhance the reader's Engineering application knowledge.            To understand the CC TV (Closed Circuit Television) concept which was explained in Mahabharata we have to know the basic story of Ø Barbarik Ø Sanjaya     Barbarik Barbarik Bheema’s Grandson and the son of Ghatokacha. Barbarik was a brave warrior, who was blessed by Siddha Mata and best owed with three powerful arrows (Aprayajit Vaishnavi Mahavidhya). And he had having a promise to his grandmother that he fight for the weaker army so con