Mahabharata is a historical event which was happened in India when we read Mahabharata every time, it will give us a different meaning and the meaning is based on the reader's interest if the reader starts reading Mahabharata in spiritual meaning this will give them a Bhakti Bhava on Shri Krishna. If the reader wants to lead healthy social life only 18 chapters of Bhagavad Geeta are enough, if the reader wants to read this from an engineering point of view it will enhance the reader's Engineering application knowledge.

           To understand the CC TV (Closed Circuit Television) concept which was explained in Mahabharata we have to know the basic story of

Ø Barbarik

Ø Sanjaya


Barbarik Bheema’s Grandson and the son of Ghatokacha. Barbarik was a brave warrior, who was blessed by Siddha Mata and best owed with three powerful arrows (Aprayajit Vaishnavi Mahavidhya). And he had having a promise to his grandmother that he fight for the weaker army so considering that the Pandavas had a smaller army he said he would side with them. But God Krishna knew that during the battle whichever side Barbarik was on would become strong and hence he would have to jump to the other side, this was a huge paradox God Krishna, was mindful of the fact. Thus God Krishna asked him for his head so that his involvement in the war would be avoided. Before dedicating his head to Krishna, Barbarik expressed his desire, to view the war leading to Krishna. So Krishna placed Barbarik’s head on the top of a mountain overlooking the battlefield. 


He was the charioteer of Dhritarashtra and He gave all the details of the war to Dhritarashtra. The magical part of the Mahabharatam tells us that Sanjaya was given a divine vision by Veda Vyasa and that is how he knew what was going on in the war field even though he was always at Hastinapur, with Dhritarashtra.

    From the engineering technology point of view, the concept is like this

Shri Krishna Separated Barbarik’s head from his body i.e. (The sensors and the controlling unit is separated from actuators) and kept it on a mountain or heightened area to cover a full Kurukshetra or war field it become high configuration solar operated wireless Camera with water or moisture protection including self-storage device.

Simultaneously Hastinapra Sanjaya got the Devin vision from Veda Vyasa which means Veda Vyasa had a patient on the monitor. so he came to Hastinapura and installed it in front of Dhritarashtra so that Sanjaya can explain all events in the war field including Bhagavad Geeta which was explained only to Arjuna in the war field Sanjaya himself said; “thus, I have heard these words of wisdom and vision between Arjuna and Krishna, and they fill my heart with awe and wonder. “ ( Gita, 18. 74 ). So designed camera can focus on required particular things or actions in the war so this proves that designed Camera and Monitors are working properly.

Any product development process starts from a problem statement in this analogy Dritarasra can’t see anything and another problem is how to keep proceedings of war so that can be explained to the next generation we can see this as an engineering point of view    

In a comparison of current findings, it can be reasoned that hypothesis and proofs are very closely related. Today’s scientists have thought and researched the way they envisioned in their minds and provided the scientific basis. Similarly, this Barbarik and Sanjaya true story of Mahabharata is a result of such research. It is observed that such elements are present in our ancient scriptures it appears that science evolved ages earlier than these present days. These Sanathana texts have the ability to provide higher knowledge according to the development and knowledge of the reader.   


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